Local Government and the Changing Urban-Rural Interplay- LoGov

The LoGov research project

The research project “Local Government in the urban-rural changing interplay” (LoGov) is a research initiative leaded by the Eurac Institute (Bolzano/Italy) and funded by the European Unión (Grant Agreement number 823961). The idl-UAM is part of it.

LoGov aims to form an international and intersectoral training and research network in order to provide best-fit practices for local governments to address the changing urban-rural interplay and manage its impacts. As a global Consortium composed of eight European and nine non-European partners, it seeks to (1) to identify, evaluate, compare and share practices in five major local government areas (local responsibilities, local finances, local government structure, intergovernmental relations and people’s participation); (2) to encourage the effective application of the best-fit practices by local governments; (3) to strengthen international and intersectoral collaborative research; (4) to enhance the career perspectives of the staff involved by increasing their mobility both within the academic and the non-academic sectors and between these sectors.

LoGov’s methodological approach relies on a comprehensive comparative analysis that draws on findings from 15 countries or wider regions on six continents, the extensive involvement of local policy-makers through local government associations and a multi- and interdisciplinary approach that is facilitated by the Consortium’s expertise in four disciplines (public law, political science, public administration and economics).

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Members of the LoGov at the idl-UAM

Several researchers of the idl-UAM participate in the 5 fields (“Workpackages”) as defined in the LoGov agreement, as follows:

WP 1. Local responsabilities and public services

WP-2: Local financial arrangements

WP-3: Structure of local governments

WP-4: Intergovernmental relations of local governments

WP-5: People´s participation in local-decision making