V Congress of esMountains-Spanish Association of Mountain Municipalities

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On September 23, 24, and 25 in Aínsa, Huesca, the V Congress of esMountains took place. Under the title: “Mountain territories: the challenge of cohesion”. This was a unique opportunity in which the main private, public and social agents of the mountain population of Spain were brought together and in which the current and future situation was debated and studied through real success stories.

During this congress, the need for a Mountain Law, definitive for this type of territory, was vindicated to help alleviate their problems and face their challenges. A law that allows to recognize the peculiarities and develop the potential of these territories and thereby contribute to a more balanced and cohesive nation. In addition, the aim has been to highlight the importance of the rural world in the face of changes in society. Issues such as renewable energy or climate change are intrinsic in these territories, and these peoples are the levers that will achieve this transformation of society. In addition, there was a debate on how to face the challenges due to the depopulation of rural areas and how to revitalize abandoned Spain.

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