The Spanish version of this book is published by Aranzadi Thomson-Reuters, under the title: Ciudades Envejecidas. El Derecho y la política local para la protección y cuidado de las personas mayores, Cizur Menor, 2020.

This research falls within the Research&Development Project under the 2016 National Challenge Program (Plan Nacional de Retos de 2016) “Ageing Cities” (DER2016-75987-R), funded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness as well as by the LoGov Project (Local Government and the Changing Urban-Rural Interplay), of the call Horizon 2020, Marie Slodowska-Curie Action, European Commission, Number 823961.

Local Law and Policymaking to protect and care for the elderly

Table of contents

Defining and mapping elderly policies

Alfonso Egea de Haro

Welfare for the elderly (during ordinary and extraordinary times): a shared power between local and regional governments

Mónica Domínguez Martín

The interconnection between welfare services and the market in the United States with a focus on the elderly: the application of antitrust law to nonprofits

Julia Ortega Bernardo

Local subsidies for the elderly

Fernando Pastor Merchante

Ageing cities and active ageing. The elderly: participation and protection

Silvia Díez Sastre

Reasonable accommodation for elderly housing decisions

José María Rodríguez de Santiago

The organization of nursing homes as local policymaking

Jorge Castillo Abella

Nursing homes and urban development

Francisco Velasco Caballero