Workshop on Depopulation, Digitalization, and Participation

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The workshop on Depopulation, Digitalization, and Participation respond to the programming of activities for the further assessment of the best practice described in the First Dossier of the WP-1 (local responsibilities and public services), regarding the Smart Rural Territory project for the digitalization of rural areas in Castilla y León, and the best practice contained in the Second Dossier of the WP-5 (people´s participation in local decision-making) on Local Action Groups. The First Dossier of WP-1 contained an initial approach to the “Smart Rural” project. The main features of the project were already explained, but many questions concerning the social and economic outcomes of the project, as well as the problems linked to multilevel cooperation, remained open. The second dossier of WP-2 focused on the work of Local Action Groups as networks of interaction between local authorities and societal actors in rural areas. These networks are financed by the EU LEADER program. They are set to design and implement in a participatory way development strategy for the territories where they operate and can be an effective policy tool to face the problem of depopulation of rural areas in the country.

In order to delve into these best practices and respond to the questions arising from them, several experts outside the research group are invited to participate in the workshop. All these external professionals take care of the abovementioned policies.

The workshop will take place online on the 17th of February at 16:00. For further information regarding the event please see the link below

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